About Spark::red

Spark::red is the premier Oracle ATG Commerce managed hosting provider. The company currently operates offices in the US, with Data Centers all over the world and clients in the United States, Europe and Africa. Spark::red hosts a combination of well known Fortune 1000 companies, businesses in the Internet Retailer Top 500, emerging retailers, and even Hollywood award shows like the People’s Choice Awards. Spark::red maintains a PCI Level 1 certification.

Spark::red is not your “typical” hosting provider, we specialize in one thing and one thing only… Oracle ATG Commerce hosting. We have years of experience in application development, configuration management, trouble-shooting, and optimization specifically around Oracle ATG Commerce and the associated systems. In fact, every one of our architects has an average of over a decade of Oracle ATG Commerce expertise. No other hosting provider in the market place can offer our level of experience, skill, or in-depth knowledge to support your applications. We’re great at it, because it’s all we do.

How do we know we’re great at Oracle ATG Commerce hosting? 100% Customer Satisfaction.

Every single one of our clients can be used as a reference. We have never had a client move to another Oracle ATG Commerce hosting provider.  


What is Spark::red all about?

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We do not consider ourselves as your “hosting provider” as much as we consider ourselves a partner in your business: our success is solely based on your success. In order to ensure your online store outstanding performance and give you peace of mind we provide 10 free hours of ongoing 24×7 ATG architect-level support every month. Every one of our architects has at least 10 years of ATG expertise that means that your website is in reliable hands.


Through our 13 Geographically Diverse Data Centers (USA, Europe and Asia) and the best hardware you can ensure fast page load times for your buyers all over the world. Also, our fully dedicated infrastructure eliminates web performance issues related to the shared resources. Want better website speed? CDN partnerships, performance tuning, and load testing allow us to decrease your page load times even further.


Spark::red uses only fully redundant Tier III+ and IV Data Centers and client dedicated hardware in order to ensure your website maximum uptime. Our 24x7x365 Advanced Monitoring allows us to identify possible issues before they become real problems and affect your customers on-site shopping experience. While we offer 99.9% Guaranteed Availability on Hardware & Network, most of our clients are at or near 100% uptime and never experience any performance issues.


Credit Card security is an online shopper’s main concern. In order to ensure your customers’ payment card data security, Spark::red completed PCI 2.0 Level 1 Certification and currently meets the highest data security standards. We can guarantee safe visa transactions even for the busiest e-commerce businesses with millions of transactions a year.

Hosting with PCI Certified managed hosting provider like Spark::red means that your PCI audit effort is significantly reduced, saving you time and money.


While your website traffic can be pretty steady most time of the year, there are still busy holiday seasons that might cause significant traffic spikes. In order to sustain those spikes and ensure your buyers great shopping experience, Spark::red provides monthly-based scalability services. Add on or cancel extra   servers as needed and pay for additional capacity only when you use it.

For instance, Spark::red sustained over x10 traffic increase during People’s Choice Awards show voting season.

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