About Peter Goetsch

Peter is an ATG developer who have closely worked with Spark::red for multiple years. He has worked on many ATG implementations including ground-up, rehab and upgrade projects. He’s done work primarily in core ATG and core e-commerce, including many integrations to third-party vendors for things like tagging, ratings & reviews, payments, cross-sells, security, email marketing, maps and more. He has done work in everything from the very front end to deep backend integrations.

Writing ATG Modules

2017-12-12T01:10:26+00:00October 7, 2014|All, Oracle Commerce Technical|

ATG/Oracle Commerce modules are simply functional parts of an application that have been given their own organization and identifier. With a large e-commerce project, it might be split into the following modules: Storefront (primarily jsps and config only) Mobile (primarily [...]

Querying ATG Repositories

2017-12-12T01:10:27+00:00September 4, 2014|All, Oracle Commerce Technical|

ATG repositories provide a rich way to organize and query data from multiple sources.  ATG developers should know ATG repositories inside and out because they are such a core part of ATG Commerce.  While learning ATG, I found querying ATG [...]

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