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Calendars.com Breaks Cyber Monday Sales Records With Spark::red

Calendars.com, an Internet Top 500 retailer, brings together the latest internet technology with the largest calendar, game, toy and puzzle inventory to create the world’s most expansive and visually engaging calendar and gift website, geared around individual passions and interests. While maintaining steady traffic through the year, Calendars.com experiences significant traffic spikes (200-500%) towards the end of each year with peak traffic occurring through the Black Friday weekend and on Cyber Monday.

Past Problems

Before migrating to Spark::red, Calendars.com suffered from multiple site outages on Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays as well as during other peak periods. These failures were partially caused by issues associated with shared RAC used by its previous ATG/Oracle Commerce hosting provider. Outdated, slow, and unstable hosting infrastructure combined with unsatisfactory levels of technical support led to the decision to move to Spark::red in 2012.


In order to address existing problems, Calendars.com migrated its eCommerce site to Spark::red. Calendars.com chose Spark::red Oracle Commerce Hosting Solution, Scalability and Load Testing Services.


Spark::red delivered an ATG/Oracle Commerce environment in 5 weeks, with ample time to prepare for the peak holiday season and sustained 100% uptime and below 100 ms application server response time for Calendars.com in times of increased traffic.

As the result of seamless website performance, Calendars.com was able to focus on its marketing and set a Cyber Monday sales record for the company in 2012. With Spark::red’s support Calendars.com broke that Cyber Monday sales record again in 2013.

Calendars.com Traffic Holiday Season 2012


“From a sales perspective this Cyber Monday was our best. From a systems perspective it was awesome with smooth consistent uptime. Nice job guys! No shared RAC debacle like we had last year

[with previous hosting provider].”

– Jay Hakala, Senior eCommerce Engineer at Calendars.com

Calendars.com Traffic Holiday Season 2013


“Before moving to Spark::red, we regularly struggled with site stability issues and were always nervous as we approached our peak transaction period around the Black Friday weekend. Since moving to Spark::red, we are able to focus more on content, marketing, and customer service because we have such confidence in our hosting technology partners at Spark::red. We know our site will always be optimized and carefully monitored so we can focus on maximizing sales. And this year, we saw record sales growth over Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday.”

– Paul Hoffman, COO at Calendars.com

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