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Disaster Recovery

In the occurrence of a cataclysmic event that causes a full data center failure, your systems can be up and running more quickly with Pivotree Disaster Recovery Services. We leverage our preferential position with infrastructure providers to quickly stand up additional environments at geographically remote locations.

Load Testing

It is critical to know how your website performs under high loads such as during seasonal and event-driven traffic. Pivotree works with leading load testing providers to design Oracle Commerce-specific solutions that help gather actionable systems’ performance data and apply it. A knowledgeable member of our staff monitors your website performance during the load test so that not only you know if your website performance starts degrading, but also why it could be happening and what the solution is.

Scalability Services

While your website traffic can vary throughout the year, its performance doesn’t have to. Pivotree Scalability Services are designed to ensure your website’s availability and to maintain fast page load times under increased loads of traffic. For example, we can scale up your systems to accommodate a temporary increase in traffic during a holiday season or support your website’s yearly traffic growth.

Advanced Tuning

Pivotree Advanced Tuning is designed to improve your website’s performance through end-to-end analysis and tuning of your systems from the server-level all the way to the code-level and third party solutions. Clients who used this service saw up to 88% improvement of application performance.

Advanced Monitoring

With Pivotree Advanced Monitoring services you can pinpoint performance issues whether they happen on the back-end, during the page load or beyond. Powerful browser monitoring features allow you to drill into every error occurring in your browser-side code, along with providing context regarding why the error occurred, how many users it impacted, and more.

Log Management

An average web application environment will generate over a million log events each day. Effective log management requires extensive search and storage infrastructure, sophisticated log indexing software and a knowledgeable full-time support team. Sparkred® Log Management is a fully managed log indexing, archival and search service that is built on top of the highly extensible ELK Stack.

SSL Certificates

Pivotree clients can purchase SSL Certificates directly from Pivotree at a discounted rate.


Pivotree works with leading CDN providers to implement solutions that meet each client’s unique needs. Each solution has proven to improve the client’s website speed and end-user experience.

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