This is from an older post on the Spark::red developer community, but it may still be helpful to some…

If you have your own content repository items defined, and you’d like the ACC to provide the Upload Image functionality for your internal binary properties, In /atg/devtools/ create a local version of admins.xml:

  <default-admin id="YourRepository">
    <display-name>Your Content</display-name>
      <bean-display type="media">
<property name="internalBinaryExcludedTableProperties" value="path, version, mimeType,data, length,url"/>
      <bean-display type="media">
<property name="internalBinaryExcludedTableProperties" value="version, mimeType, data, length, url"/>
<property name="internalBinaryTableReadOnlyProperties" value="path"/>

Some notes on using this:

– This is basically copying the code from the ATG UI classes supporting items of media-internal-binary for the Catalog

– Your media item-descriptor should look exactly like media-internal-binary (mapped to your custom tables) or you may run into trouble – your repository must be a content repository, you need folders, etc.

– This is not documented, and not officially supported by ATG, so use at your own risk

– For more info, unjar the config.jars and look at the existing admins.xml. It follows the same xml-combine rules, so make sure you don’t overwrite something you will need later.