The only PayPal-Certified Oracle Commerce Integration Module saves retailers weeks on website development and tens of thousands of dollars in associated costs.

Spark::red ATG PayPal Module is the only PayPal certified integration for Oracle Commerce and reduces the time and costs associated with Oracle Commerce website development. Through streamlining the PayPal integration process, Oracle Commerce users can save up to 150 hours and $30,000 in website development and associated costs.

With the Module, PayPal Checkout can be added to the Commerce Reference Store in about 2 hours and complex integration with a heavily customized application can be done in 1-2 days instead of weeks.

“I have used Sparkred ATG PayPal Integration Module for a number of new and existing Oracle Commerce implementations. The integration process that would usually take days or weeks was completed within hours for some of the most complex environments.” – Ben Carlson, Technical Architect at AAXIS Commerce, previously Managed Services Director at Amplifi.

The Module supports Express Checkout, Mobile Express Checkout and Standard PayPal Checkout and has been proven to work for some of the largest Oracle Commerce implementations including websites of multiple Top 500 retailers.

The Module is free and can be downloaded from Spark::red PayPal page.