Earlier this month, Spark::red released Oracle Database and Endeca MDEX plugins for NewRelic and made them available to the general public for free. The plugins capture performance metrics for Oracle Database and Endeca, allowing access to data that was previously unavailable in NewRelic.

‘We discovered a great web performance monitoring tool and made it even better through optimizing NewRelic for Oracle Database and Endeca users.’ – Russell Moore, Founding Partners at Spark::red.

All Spark::red clients currently use the plugins and already seeing the benefits.

“It is very useful to have a consolidated way to check search and database health.”

– Senior IT Manager at the Top 100 Retailer

You can find a detailed description of the installation process on the Spark::red website. Just log in to the Confluence page to get instant access to all related documentation for Oracle Database and Endeca MDEX plugins.

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