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Meet Our Team: Stacey Eliasen

In this blog post we will continue introducing our new employees to you. Our most recent hire is Stacey Eliasen who started as an Office Administrator for Spark::red’s Boston office in December 2013.
After receiving her degree in Graphic Design and Political Science she spend 15 years working as a graphic designer. She was in charge of the website design, presentations and trade shows materials’ creation.
During the last 9 years Stacey was working as an office administrator and was managing her own online business called www.toothythetoothfairyhelper.com that she designed from concept to production.
Stacey’s outstanding organizational skills as well as attention to detail helps our office to run smoothly.

Her main areas of expertise:

  • project management
  • office management
  • online and offline communications
  • web design
  • graphic design
  • Adobe Creative Suite
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