REDMOND, WA – September 16, 2013 – Spark::red Hosted its fist Oracle ATG Commerce Clients And Partners Meetup on September 5-6th, 2013 in Redmond, WA. Leading eCommerce businesses and System Integrators that work with Oracle ATG Commerce met to learn about industry best implementation practices, share their personal experiences with the platform and discussed what could be done to maximize the benefits for eCommerce businesses.

The 2 day meet up gathered multiple Internet Retailer Top US 500 and Top Hot 100 eRetailers, as well as leading Oracle ATG Commerce implementers whom Spark::red worked with on projects of various magnitude.

‘We wanted to create an event that would allow ATG users to have an open discussion on their business needs and challenges, to exchange real-world experiences with the platform, share implementation practices and tools that work for them the best. It is not your typical conference with endless presentations on general topics; it is a chance to get practical tips on how to maximize leverage with the ATG platform’s capabilities based on real experience from leading ATG experts,’

– Gordon Cooke, co-founding partner at Spark::red

‘New Features of ATG 10.2, challenges and ways to address them during the upgrade, Endeca’s features and how it enhances Oracle ATG Commerce, which mobile strategies to implement and how much to invest in them’; these are just a few examples of the topics that were covered during the Meet Up.

While this year’s Meetup was specifically targeted to those companies that Spark::red works with, the 2014 Meetup will be extended to other Oracle ATG Commerce users.

‘ATG users are a very unique group of people with very specific needs and goals. We know how important it is for them to network with each other, to learn what other companies did to address challenges they faced or how they used Oracle Commerce to grow their businesses. As we truly care about further strengthening the Oracle ATG Commerce platform and ensuring a pleasant experience for its users, we extended the invitation for the next Meetup to any ATG users who are interested in attending the event,’

– Russell Moore, co-founding partner at Spark::red

If you are interested in attending our 2014 Oracle Commerce Users Meetup and would like to receive more information, please contact us at [email protected] or follow our Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn for recent news and the latest updates.