While New Relic has already established itself as a leading provider of web performance monitoring tools, their mobile app monitoring SaaS adds new layers of insight for its customers. An ability to quickly identify problems in the mobile app makes troubleshooting easier and faster.

New Relic Mobile provides detailed data about code, device and network performance. Below are just a few examples of the insights that you can get access to with this tool:

  • Easily identify the source of the app’s slowness in your code via New Relic Mobile visual timelines.


  • See the app’s performance for different devices, Operating Systems, geographic locations, carriers as well as which ones are the most popular among users.


  • Monitor your app’s interactions with external services.


  • Dig deep into error source; analyze errors and filter them based on error type, domain, etc.


  • Compare performance of different versions of your app.


  • Follow a slow IPA from mobile app to the web backend and pinpoint it at app server or database SQL level as needed.

Spark::red has been implementing New Relic Web performance monitoring tools as a part of the web performance optimization practices and getting tons of positive feedback from our customers. It looks like New Relic Mobile could be another valuable tool for e-Retailers.

New Relic Mobile features and installation process: http://newrelic.com/mobile-monitoring.

New Relic Mobile Demo: http://newrelic.wistia.com/medias/qwhqqhxmw5

New Relic Mobile Case Study: http://newrelic.com/case-studies/runkeeper

Have you tried New Relic Mobile yet? What was your experience with the tool like?